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Ken Kujawa
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419-882-6528 (cell) (email)
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Sunshine 260+ days a year
Subtropical Climate
Opportunities of a Lifetime Now.
Prices Are Low and Real Estate is So Very Affordable.
Don't Regret Later Not Doing Something Now.
Baby Boomers Are Coming Soon!
You Can Have a Boat In Your Own Backyard!
Real Estate and Lifestyle in Punta Gorda, Charlotte Harbor, in Sunny Florida

Amazing New Buildings & Structures!

Punta Gorda Isles
Deep Creek
Burnt Store Isles
Fort Myers 40 miles and Fort Myers International Airport
Sarasota 40 miles/Tampa 140 miles
Charlotte Park
Burnt Store Meadows
Punta Gorda Airport
Charlotte Harbor
Gulf of Mexico
Pine to Palm Realty, LLC (Broker L. Larson, Florida)
ATTN:  Ken Kujawa
1080 Taylor Steet, #112
Punta Gorda, FL 33950-4716
941-637-4900 (ask for Ken)
FAX:  941-637-8000
Member:  Punta Gorda and the Charlotte County Chambers of Commerce
Bargains Are Available in All Real Estate Today!

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Orlando Amusements /NE/    119 miles
Sailing and Boating at its Finest!
Punta Gorda on the
Punta Gorda 
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Clean air and water!
Our Little Bit of Heaven!
Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce
125 square miles of open, navigable waters!
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1.1 A Tour of the Murals of
      Punta Gorda
1.2 A Story of Renewal - Five        Years In The Making
1.3 PG - A Boating Paradise
2.4 The Art of Punta Gorda
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Ken represents only BUYERS.  Ken operates as a "single agent" whose only obligation is to you the buyer, and never the seller, in your purchases.  Ken owes you these specific duties:  Dealing honestly and fairly, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Obedience, Full Disclosure, Accounting for all funds, Skill, Care and diligence in the transaction and more.  Don't have a seller's listing agent represent you in a real estate transaction! Learn about our PARADISE and your future life in our area from this website, and then contact Ken to find that specific property that will meet your requirements.  (The only exception to Ken representing just Buyers is when Ken is selling his personally owned real estate investments and this always with full disclosure.)
Ken represents only BUYERS.
I get the best deal for you.
Saving you $$$$.
The Seller Pays 100% of My Fees.
Not a Listing Agent-I represent only you in your purchase.
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